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As of January 2024, we are not actively advocating with the Texas Legislature, nor making regular posts on our social media pages.

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Let's Help Each Other

Texas Agriculture Connection works to create a healthy, spirited, and prosperous Texas agriculture industry supported by an informed and engaged Texas public. We educate the general public on the importance of Texas agriculture while advocating for legislative solutions to challenges facing the industry.

Tractor Tilling Land

What We Do

TAC is a nonprofit advocacy organization formed in response to the growing number of challenges facing Texas agriculture and our state's rural communities. We work to serve and support these communities with advocacy and education.

Public Engagement

TAC works to grow broad, statewide engagement with the Texas agriculture industry. We use social media to provide the public with industry information, news, and updates. Our newsletter includes further insight into Texas agriculture and the progress of our advocacy efforts with the 88th Texas Legislature.

Community Support

TAC is committed to promoting strong, informed, and active communities in our state. In addition to our agriculture-oriented volunteer work, TAC offers scholarships for two Texas high school seniors to pursue further education in agriculture or a related industry.

Legislative Advocacy

Our advocacy arm, Texas Agriculture Connection PAC, serves as a platform to advocate for legislative solutions to issues facing our state's farmers, ranchers, and agriculture-based businesses. We work on behalf of Texas' farmers and ranchers to promote the health and security of the industry and the people in it.

Focused On What Matters To You

Listening to the concerns of TAC community members is an important part of how we learn about the issues that Texas farmers and ranchers care about most. Though we advocated on a variety of agriculture-related issues, we had three legislative priorities for the 88th Texas Legislature's regular session.

Protecting Texas’ Right To Farm

Texas farmers and ranchers should be protected from overregulation and city overreach.

Funding Rural Infrastructure

Broadband and water infrastructure improvements are necessary for closing the digital divide and ensuring that all Texans have consistent access to clean water.

Funding Farmers and Ranchers

The rising costs of farming and ranching mean that accessible capital is more important than ever, especially for young and new farmers.

Carter Keating

Meet Our Founder

Carter Keating founded TAC with the goal of bringing renewed attention to the Texas agriculture industry and the people in it.

A Texas native, Carter grew up in Victoria, Texas and attended Texas A&M University. There, he earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a Master of International Affairs at A&M’s Bush School of Government and Public Service. Carter is passionate about public service and eager to serve others through his work. He moved to Austin to build upon his knowledge of the Texas legislative process and identified an under-served industry with pressing needs: Texas agriculture. He currently serves as Texas Agriculture Connection’s Executive Director.

Texas Agriculture By The Numbers

The Texas agriculture industry is vital to our state and national economies. Here are some statistics that put its size, importance, and some of its challenges into perspective.


$24.9 billion worth of agricultural products were  sold by Texas farms in 2017. Texas is ranked 3rd in the nation by market value of agricultural products sold.

247,000+ Farms

Texas leads the nation in the number of individual farms operating in the state, with more than 247,000. Ninety-seven percent of these farms are family farms. Operations with agricultural sales of at least $1,000 qualify.

59.2 Years

The average age of Texas producers is 59.2 years. This is nearly two years older than the national average. Nearly 38 percent of Texas producers are 65 or older.


In 2020, agriculture accounted for 57 percent of Texas water use. Irrigation and livestock operations used roughly 2.7 trillion gallons of water.

510 Acres

In Texas, the average farm size is 510 acres - 65 acres larger than the national average. Texas has more than 125 million acres of farmland.


Only 6.9 percent of Texas producers are 35 or younger. Prospective young producers need education and capital to start successful agricultural businesses.

Ready To Get Involved?

Texas Agriculture Connection is eager to engage Texans and advocate on behalf of the Texas agriculture industry. We encourage you to contact us if you'd like to discuss our work or find out how you can help support our mission. We are thankful for input from our community and excited to continue serving it!